*12th & 13th July, 2018 - **ft Leading Ladies**


PREVIOUSLY at Hitchcock's Home....

Just in case you weren't there (in which case where were you?!) scroll down for a taster of what we've done before...


SUMMER, 2015  //  SUMMER, 2016  // SUMMER, 2017

We showed a selection of Hithcock's films- each one chosen for its British connection

All played al fresco in "The Cemetery" on a 30' x 25' screen...

Each event has also included: 

  • Expert speakers and debates;  
  • Hitchcock art- around the site, in the church and even Hitchcock graffiti on the railings! 
  • Documentaries including from the Mcguffins Society; 
  • Information and other things to discover about Hitch and the local area; 
  • Film shorts and talks by Hitch experts; 
  • Delicious food and drink from street vendors and more; 
  • A few surprises... 

What we've shown previously: Dial M for Murder, The Man who Knew Too Much, The Lady Vanishes, Rear Window, Psyco, The Birds, Vertigo

Plus some fantastic local film shorts including: Unheard- No Money For Beer Films, Antler- Emmeline, Michael Byrne/ Max Brill- They Call Me Clifton, Harris Dickinson- Drop, Stuart Black/Nick Mather- No Guarantee 

Where we did it: 

St John's Church, Church Lane, Leytonstone, London, E11 1HH (cemetery, church, church hall, courtyard and all the grounds...)

Previous food & drink...

Karma Cans, Chips with Dips, Peel & Chimney, Colonel Tom’s, Burgess & Hall, The Wanstead Tap, Black Box Coffee, The Ice Cream Peddler, Zara's Treats, Muffin Man & Co, Mei Mei's Street Cart, Taco Dave, Oskinsy Ice Cream, We Are Here Coffee, Signature Brew, Milieu.  


Sunday, 20th December

What we showed: The Snowman, The Muppets Christmas Carol, The Gremlins

Where we showed it: "The Mission Hall", E11 3AD (a hidden Leytonstone gem...)

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